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Line Cooks

Elgin, OK, USA

Job Type

Full Time and Part Time

About the Role

- Job Summary

Participate in preparing food in advance of service, stock stations, prepare foods to order during service, and maintain the organization and sanitation of the kitchen.

- What you would do

·        Lead and act in a manner consistent with our Mission, Vision, & Values.
·        Stock and organize the line.
·        Responsible for the safety and sanitation of food and workspace.
·        Prepare all products for service according to prescribed specifications.
·        Follow policies and procedures of kitchen conduct.
·        Maintain organization of the coolers and ensure proper rotation and temp of product.
·        Maintain cleanliness and sanitation of all kitchen areas.
·        Work with a sense of urgency at all times.
·        Participate in weekly cleaning projects.
·        Constantly strive to achieve more knowledge and skill in food preparation.
·        Perform other responsibilities as assigned.

- Physical Requirements

·        Be able to reach, bend, stoop, and frequently lift up to fifty (50) pounds.
·        Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to ten (10) hours at a time.

- Desired Qualifications

·        Minimum 1-year experience in food service preferred.
· Must be 16 years or older
·        Prior exposure to a vast array of cooking techniques and methods.
·        Familiarity with safe handling techniques prescribed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

- What you offer us

·        Good communication skills, a positive attitude, and a desire to learn.
·        Ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

- Summary of a typical day

·  Going through the station prep list and building the station prep list for the day.
·  Making sure all mise en place is in order and ready for the start of service.
·  Working service.

About the Company

- Our Mission

At Rising Eagle Brewery, we are on a mission to enhance the quality of people’s lives in the community where they live, grow, and play.

- Our Vision

Rising Eagle Brewery’s vision is to create savored moments for the world.

- Our Values

We Believe * We Engage * We Own * We Lead * We Act with Integrity * We Care

- How your job supports the mission

* Creating the best experience for the customer with the quality and consistency of the food you produce.
* Taking responsibility for everything you make.
* Creating a fun and engaging work environment while engaging and respecting peers.


Rising Eagle Brewery conducts job-related background checks before hiring to ensure a safe and secure work environment in which current team members, guests, and company assets are protected, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of information gathered during the evaluation. 


Background checks are conducted on the finalist only following the issuance of a contingent offer of employment. At this point in the hiring process, you would be asked to authorize Rising Eagle Brewery to conduct the background check. You would be provided with online authorization and disclosure forms that require identifying information, including other names used, Social Security Number and birthdate, current address, and contact information. 


Candidates with questions are encouraged to contact Talent Acquisition & Development at

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