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Where the Passion Began

Who we are at Rising Eagle Brewery extends well beyond the founders. We are farmers, harvesters, brewers, sales managers and above all, joyful beer lovers.


Angela and Thomas Hardin


Thom brings knowledge and expertise to Rising Eagle Brewery. As the Brewer, there is no question that our superb product quality relies heavily on Thom.


Thom first started homebrewing 15 years ago as a hobby. Angela and Thom met in the Army and are combat veterans with multiple deployments to combat zones worldwide.

Angela and Thom spent many date nights enjoying breweries globally. Thom would draft new recipes, infusing the world’s tastes in his brews. Realizing her husband’s passion for craft beer, she helped bring his dreams to life with her keen business mindset.

Together, Thom and Angela respect and value the precious time spent with friends and family and strive to create a space that unites people in their communities where they live, grow, and play.

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